Londis retailers are soon to benefit from an improved fresh food supply chain which will enhance product freshness and encourage them to stock a wider range.

Currently, short-life products are stored in one of Londis' regional warehouses and orders are picked from there. However, under the new 'Flow Through' system retailers' orders will be fed up the chain and consolidated by suppliers so that no excess stock will be held in the distribution centres.

The new system, which will be phased in throughout this year, will add days to the shelf-life of fresh and chilled products.

Londis retailer Steve Bassett from Weymouth, Dorset, said: "This is a big step forward from where we are now. There will be a massive improvement on dates, which means that I will be able to carry a much bigger range because I'll have more time to sell it through, and what I do stock will be much fresher for customers."

Musgrave Retail Partners managing director Phil Smith told C-Store: "People are shopping more frequently and buying in smaller baskets to cut down wastage, so fresh food in a c-store format is a huge opportunity.

"As well as the supply chain, our fresh range has been completely reviewed so we can offer the right range for the right type of store."