Independent retailer Peter Lamb is enjoying a 20% jump in passing trade in the past month - simply by fitting new exterior signage.

The smart freestanding signpost was designed and built by a local set-building company whose staff are also regular customers of the store, Lamb’s Larder in Bells Yew Green, East Sussex.

“We are fortunate that our store is on a very busy road - 730,000 cars pass us by each year and we knew that we had a significant opportunity to prompt some of those drivers to pull over and come in,” Peter told Convenience Store.

“As such, targeting the road forms a key part of our growth plans for this year and beyond,” he added.

The wooden signs face in both directions and advertise the store’s wide range of services and unique offer which includes a UPS access point, an in-store and outside ‘cycle stop’ café area, a wide range of Cook frozen ready meals and local products.

“It was important that the signage was tasteful and we put a lot of effort in to make sure that it blended into our rural surroundings and complemented the look and feel of the store.

“Another knock-on benefit is that the new signs have enabled us to remove all five of our old signs, so the store front looks neater and we have more space for cyclist’s bikes and a wooden bench.”