The introduction of 600 non-charging cash machines in low-income areas will be "good news" for retailers, according to bosses of the Link Scheme responsible for their rollout.
Link recently agreed changes to its rules that mean incentives will be offered to ATM operators to deploy free cash machines in communities where they do not already exist. The changes also mean that charging machines could be converted to become non-charging.
A total of 1,700 areas have been identified as suitable and Link chiefs have been quick to highlight c-stores as one of the key businesses that could provide the machines.
Link head of development Graham Mott told Convenience Store: "The machines need to be freely accessible to the public, and c-stores are one of the main businesses being considered. People are likely to use machines more regularly and spend the money in the area if they aren't charged for it."
Mott added that an estimated 25,000 of the 60,000 cash machines across the UK could continue to charge.