June’s heatwave helped drive sales at the UK’s leading supermarkets to their fastest year-on-year rise since July 2013, according to new Nielsen figures.

Supermarket sales during the four weeks ending 17 June 2017 was 4.0% higher versus the same period a year ago, with sales up 5.7% in the final week in that period. The last time growth was higher was 7% in July 2013, following a three-week heatwave.

It was also the first time since July 2013 that all major supermarket groups saw a year-on-year sales rise, with Tesco enjoying the biggest rise among the big four (4.2%). Aldi and Lidl saw sales growth of 16.6% and 16.0% respectively.

“The early summer weather gave supermarkets a much needed shot in the arm,” said Mike Watkins, Nielsen’s UK head of retailer and business insight. “Rising temperatures benefited soft drinks (up 9.1%), alcohol (+6.8%) and frozen food (+7%), in particular, with sales of hand-held ice creams alone soaring 24%.”

However, one of the biggest rise in sales was reserved for gin which saw a 35% increase, partly due to Father’s Day, Nielsen said.

“All in all it’s refreshing to have some good news around retailing. Looking ahead, a continuation in both the warm and dry weather and creeping inflation means growth should be maintained at around +3% for at least the next few weeks,” Watkins added.