Health Lottery retailers have reported a growth in draw ticket sales over the past four months since the National Lottery price rise.

The Health Lottery remained at £1 per line when the National Lottery price increased to £2 in October of last year.

Abi Amar of Amar News in Brighton, East Sussex, said that customers who only wanted to spend £1 on lottery games were switching. “For some customers £2 is just too much, so the Health Lottery has become an option for them,” he said.

Bob Dhanek of Hitchins Stores in Hertfordshire has also seen a recent growth in sales. “A lot more customers have been asking about the Health Lottery in recent months because it’s still £1 per line.”

Chief executive Dominic Mansour told Convenience Store that its sales have grown since October, with an additional sales spike over Christmas. “We have enjoyed a significant sales boost since Camelot doubled the price of Lotto, and we know that many players have switched allegiance,” he said. “Over the Christmas period we saw an extra sales increase it seems that Health Lottery tickets make for excellent Christmas presents.”

It has also pledged to raise £10m for London community health charities by 2016. Since its launch in 2011, the lottery has raised £44m for charities across Great Britain, £5m of which has been raised for London projects.