Despite a joint effort from Londis and Spar retailers to keep Tesco out of Harefield, London, the supermarket chain has re-applied for planning permission to build a new store in the area.

Tesco had its initial application for the 2,000sq ft store turned down due to parking and pedestrian safety concerns in March of last year and its appeal was also turned down in June after a 1,000-strong petition was organised by local retailers.

The retail giant has now re-submitted plans to take into account the concerns noted by Harefield Council despite the lack of support for the proposed new store.

Londis retailer Atul Sodha, who helped organise the petitions last year, said the plans are almost identical and that “there is no way adding a few bollards will make dozens of delivery lorries on such a constrained site any safer”.

He added that the residents will be petitioning against the store again. “In just four days since the application was re-submitted we have collected five to six pages of signatures,” he said. “There is overwhelming public support in our favour.”