The government is being urged to give more consideration to small business when drafting legislation.

The Forum of Private Business (FPB) has said that policies are often thought up with only big businesses in mind and that little consideration is given to the impact on smaller companies.

FPB policy representative Matt Goodman called on the government to examine how potential new regulations would affect small business. "We believe that, through improved understanding of small businesses and more accurate assessments of the implications of the legislation, decision-makers can make informed judgements about the advantages and disadvantages of policies," he said.

He added that a lack of consideration could lead to the economy being dominated by large companies, depriving consumers of choice.

The FPB also called for the government to review existing legislation in a bid to simplify or scrap burdensome regulations.

Meanwhile, the Association of Convenience Stores is giving its members a chance to meet Minister for Retail Ian Lucas MP to discuss the impact of red tape on their business. The Better Regulation Workshop will take place in London on March 16. Call 01252 515001 for details.