Brits spend £11.2bn a year following the latest food fads, according to a survey by Heinz salad cream. In the survey of 1,000 consumers 74% said that they had followed a food fad at some time but 76% said they eventually went back to normal eating habits.
It probably won't come as a particular surprise to note that women are more likely to follow fads, 79% compared with 70% of men. Of those who do indulge in fads, 96% said that they spent more than their normal weekly shopping bill.
Geordies are the biggest indulgers, spending £39.22 a week, with London in second place with £31.59 and Wales in third at £28.24. A wish to experiment with new foods was the prime motivator for trying a food fad, at 70%, with environmental concerns and friends' persuasion in second and third places.
Heinz identified five types of consumer from the poll: the adventurer willing to try anything; the fad-free foodie who sticks to what they like; the curious cookbook chef who follows every fad; the take-away loving foodie; and the ready steady eat, with no time for anything other than ready meals.