The Scottish Public Health Minister Shona Robison has pledged £679,000 to the latest phase of the Scottish Grocers’ Federation’s (SGF) Healthy Living Programme.
The funding will be provided over the next three years and will help extend the programme to all local authority areas in Scotland, increase membership to over 800 stores, create a ‘Gold Standard’ for stores already in the programme who want to improve their offering and expand the range to include items like wholemeal bread, low-fat milk, fish and potatoes.
SGF chief executive John Drummond welcomed the government’s support of the programme and explained the importance of the scheme.
“The key success of the programme has been its ability to improve access to and take-up of affordable healthier food options, helping to drive forward long-term changes towards a healthier Scottish food culture whilst providing an economic benefit to retailers,” said Drummond. “The use of a voluntary approach has helped persuade retailers to engage in the programme and led to substantial inward investment and innovation in the fresh produce and healthy foods categories by retailers.”