● A retailer in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, stood up to a violent shoplifter who racially abused him.

Saki Ghafoor, who runs a Nisa store in Bensham, sprang into action when he saw thief Tracy Forster on CCTV stealing four cans of lager. Violence erupted when he stopped her from leaving the store and forced her to return the stolen goods.

She shouted abuse, and during a struggle attempted a head butt and threatened to stab him.

She later pleaded guilty to theft and to racially aggravated public disorder at Gateshead Magistrates Court.

● A female shopkeeper suffered a broken wrist after a brutal robbery in her store. 

The attack took place at The Wine Shop in Blackpool when the thief pretended to look around the store.

As he approached the counter he shouted for her to open the till. He then threw her to the floor, breaking her wrist in the process.

● A robber with a lazy eye threatened a shopworker with a knife during a raid in Bedfordshire.

He demanded money from the Co-op in Wigmore Lane, Luton, before snatching cash from the till.

He fled with a handful of cash and five packets of cigarettes. His face was partly covered by a large hood, but the cashier could see his “distinctive lazy eye”.

● A 30-year-old man has been banned from his local convenience store and put on a strict curfew after racially abusing its female owner.

Richard Coffey was given an ASBO by Salford magistrates for shouting racist remarks at the owner of the Grange Store, Winton.

A plain clothes policeman, who was outside the store at the time, arrested Coffey. He was charged with racially aggravated harassment and criminal damage.