* A Derby-based convenience store manager-owner was told he would be killed unless he handed over cash from his store’s till. Jhalman Singh Bains, 36, was just closing Bains Mini Mart in Riddings when a man entered and threatened him with a block of wood. He said: “He told me he had friends outside and that they were going to kill me unless I gave them money. But I was able to press the panic button and he ran away empty-handed.”

* A robber who held up two c-stores in Lincolnshire has been jailed for five years. Lincoln Crown Court heard how Daniel Humphreys blew £13,000 on drugs in just two months after his marriage broke up and how he turned to crime to pay off his debts to drug dealers. Humphrey’s first target was the Mills Stores in Ermine East, which he entered carrying a five-inch knife and proceeded to threaten staff before snatching £900 from the store’s till. Soon afterward he robbed Keddington Stores in Ermine West but fled when the panic alarm was hit.

* Police in Tyne & Wear are hunting robbers who raided three c-stores in less than 30 minutes. A gang armed with a handgun carried out the attacks in the West Harton area of South Shields, Tyne and Wear. The first store to be hit was in Green Lane, with the robbers escaping with £700. Ten minutes later Cheethams Store in Stanhope Road was raided, followed quickly by an attack on a third c-store in Talbot Road.

* A raider burst into a Devon c-store and threatened the owner with a 10-inch knife. Ian Carter, who runs Elm Street Stores in Paignton, was left traumatised by the raid. The raider threatened him with the weapon and ordered him to fill a carrier bag full of money. The robber then snatched the bag from the retailer’s hand and fled from the store with less than £100.