Costcutter is working with suppliers on a project to improve availability of key lines in store.
A third-party agency will visit stores in the scheme to check that selected lines are on shelf. If the outlet is out of stock, a transfer order will be sent to Nisa immediately and the goods added to the next delivery.
The programme will focus on six to 10 lines at a time, and products will vary according to the suppliers involved and the time of year, but will include new lines and seasonal products as well as must-stock items. The activity is being paid for by participating suppliers.
Costcutter also intends to switch to electronic invoicing within six months. Currently, invoices are posted on a Friday, but in future they will be sent out electronically.
The group has set a further target of providing all invoicing, ordering and internet access via broadband within three years. Costcutter's in-store radio service can already be supplied via broadband.