The 10% increase in duty on cider will be reversed after June 30 as the outgoing government sacrificed the controversial rise in an effort to push through other legislation before Parliament dissolved on April 12.

Conservative and Liberal Democrat opposition would have slowed the passage of the legislation, as the government rushed to complete the rest of its parliamentary business.

The rise, announced in the Budget, was implemented on March 24 and will apply until June 30 unless the change is ratified. The Labour party says it will reinstate the rise if it is re-elected, and will schedule a debate on the subject before that date.

The Conservatives have committed to a "new approach" to alcohol taxation which would include an increase in tax on white ciders and alcopops.

Simon Russell of the National Association of Cider Makers said the reversal was excellent news for the industry. "It gives us the opportunity to make the case to the party that forms the next government," he said.