A new Change4Life campaign aims to encourage shoppers to make one easy swap to help cut sugar and fat from their everyday food and drink in January.

TV adverts to promote the Smarts Swap campaign will focus on swapping sugar drinks to diet, sugar-free options or low fat milk. Such changes could save an average family up to three-quarters of a 1kg bag of sugar over four weeks, according to Public Health England.

The campaign comes as new research by YouGov found that 76% of parents of children under 18 are concerned about the amount of sugar their children consume.

But armed with information on how much sugar and fat they could save, 40% are likely to swap sugary drinks for diet, sugar-free versions, milk or water to save their family up to 283 sugar cubes a month.

The Co-operative Food said it was getting behind the new campaign with deals on a wide variety of healthier products, in-store messaging and support via its digital and social media platforms.

Janet Taylor, diet and health manager for The Co-operative Food, said: “We are proud to have supported Change4Life since its inception five years ago, and the Smart Swaps campaign is a great idea to encourage people to make small changes to their diets that could make a big difference to their general health and wellbeing.

“As a responsible retailer, we are keen to encourage our customers to make healthier choices, and we always try to make it easier to make such choices by ensuring that our labelling is as clear as possible.”

The Smart Swaps campaign also recommends changing from cheese to reduced fat cheese, butter to lower fat butters or spreads, and sugary cereal to low sugar cereals such as plain porridge.

The campaign will run on TV, radio and online, highlighting the “shocking” amount of sugar in everyday food and drinks, including up to 52 sugar cubes in a 2-litre bottle of pop.