Cardiff-based independent retailer Bhoo Patel has formed an action group in a bid to stop a proposed Tesco Express opening near his store, as well as other planned developments by Tesco in the city.
As revealed in C-Store last issue (June 2), Bhoo was keen for independent retailers to get together to fight a feared escalation of store developments by Tesco over the next 18 months. His immediate concern is a Tesco Express which is due to open on Cardiff's Birchgrove Road, within a mile of his store on The Philog, in the next couple of months.
Bhoo organised a public meeting, which he said was attended by 120 people including an MP, a member of the Welsh Assembly and two local councillors. Bhoo reported that a committee, which includes eight retailers, was formed and a number of initial strategies were laid out.
The first stage of the activity will involve retailers launching an in-store poster and leaflet campaign asking customers to boycott Tesco and cut up their Clubcards.
Bhoo said that leaflets will specifically call on people to help "Stop Tesco destroying our communities and our shops".
He added that he was also hoping to organise a peaceful public demonstration to highlight the issue.
At the same time the group will continue to lobby local and national politicians for support. It will also ask local wholesalers to back its campaign.
Tesco has rejected Bhoo's claims that it plans to open up to 20 new Express stores in Cardiff in the next 18 months.