Convenience Store readers have responded to Lesley and Bill Brown’s call for suggestions of the most annoying packaging (The Browns battle the bugs, C-Store, January 9, 2009).

Several retailers contacted C-Store to tell us that Heinz tinned products cannot be stacked. “They don’t have a lip on the top, so they rest on the ring pull,” said Paul Mather of Sherston Village Stores in Wiltshire. “Trying to stack them is like playing Ker-plunk.”

“They don’t fit together and that makes them very untidy on the shelf,” added Bennie Krige of Ewyas Harold Village Store in Herefordshire.

A Heinz spokesperson said its cans were designed for minimal environmental impact, with an underside which allowed a can opener to be used. The cans were not intended for stacking, Heinz said, and suggested placing a whole tray on the shelf.

Other items under fire were Silver Spoon sugar 1kg bags because “they often leak” and Soft Mint and Fruit Gum rolls which lose outer wrappers.

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