We're in election limbo for the next few weeks as the country decides what the next government will look like.

That makes this the perfect time to reassess C-Store's campaigning strategy and prepare for the new administration. In a 10-page election special in this issue, we ask a selection of respected retailers what they are looking for from a new government, and we take a look at how the policies put forward from each of the main parties will affect the convenience retail sector.

From this research it's clear that we will need to continue to fight on your behalf for a fair deal on tobacco and alcohol merchandising; to defend responsible retailers and urge prosecution of illicit suppliers; and to fight for justice in unequal markets, whether it's against supermarkets, energy suppliers or the newspaper and magazine supply chains.

One thing that we can be certain won't change is the need for a united voice to belt out the small stores' message and to achieve that we need the help, advice and support of every one of you.