Camelot has applied to the National Lottery Commission (NLC) to be allowed to run commercial services such as bill payments and phone top-ups through its lottery terminals.

The proposed range of services which will put the lottery operator in direct competition with companies such as PayPoint and PayZone includes mobile top-ups, international calling cards, bill payments and debit/credit card processing, including contactless payment. Pre-paid vouchers and pre-paid credit card top-ups would be introduced at a later date.

Participation will be optional for Lottery retailers, who would not be forced by Camelot to give up competing terminals.

If approved, the new services arm would be run in partnership with financial services aggregators including the Post Office, Santander, The Co-operative Bank and Allpay. All profits from the commercial services arm would be "shared" with good causes, according to Camelot, with about 80% being redistributed to the fund.

NLC has launched a consultation for interested parties, which will run until April 12, 2010.