A West Sussex c-store is losing about £1,000 a week in sales due to highways work restricting access to her shop, with no chance of compensation if the scheme completes on time.

Dawn Hall, owner of Wealden Stores in Cuckfield, said she received notice of the work only a week before it started, and only in her capacity as a resident.

The work involves realigning the road and repositioning a roundabout, resulting in traffic lights controlling traffic outside her shop and restricting on-street parking. The project is due to take four weeks and Dawn is resigned to receiving no compensation for losses.

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said: “Claim for loss of trade due to essential highways works can only be paid out if it can be proved that our contractors have taken an unreasonable length of time to complete the work.”

C-Store’s Works Must Pay campaign has received the backing of numerous MPs, including shadow small business minister Bill Esterson. “Works Must Pay is an important campaign and an example of where government should be a partner,” he told C-Store.

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