Sergi Singh's neighbours in the Hull East constituency in Humberside will be casting their votes in an unusual polling station next week Sergi's c-store, Jackpot Wines.

The store was chosen by the local council as the best place for constituents in the town to cast their votes.

"There was no suitable location anywhere nearby and it reinforces the store as a hub of the community," said Sergi.

To make space for the polling booths, Sergi has to move some stock, but feels it will definitely be worth it. "It's offering something new to the customer, and given that there's been so much coverage, there should be a strong turnout," he said.

Sergi hopes that having the polling station in the shop will bring in extra customers. "There are about 5,000 voters in the constituency and even though most of them shop here anyway, there will be a few new faces in the store that day and hopefully they'll like what they see and come again.

"We'll be open from 7am so people will be able to come in, buy a newspaper and cast their vote on their way to work."