British Gas has been forced to stop making its online energy management tool available to new small business customers.

Launched back in February 2012, the tool was designed to allow convenience retailers signed up to the Business Energy Insight scheme and fitted with smart meters, to view their energy usage via an online dashboard.

With usage displayed in half hour, daily, or weekly chunks, and readings given in pounds, rather than in kilowatts, the system was designed to make it easier for retailers to manage their energy usage.  

However, high demand for the new service has forced it to be withdrawn, a spokeswoman for British Gas admitted to Convenience Store.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had to stop making our Business Energy Insight online energy management tool available to new customers due to extremely high and unpredicted demand which meant we reached the limit of the technology,” she said.

“British Gas is now working to “scale up the product” in order to make it available to new customers as soon as possible,” she added.