A new delivery app allowing consumers to order drinks, tobacco and snacks from 24-hour convenience stores has been launched in London.

Called Bevy, the new iPhone app is designed to deliver goods within zones one and two within 30 minutes up to 5am in the morning. 

Consumers pay via the app and orders are picked up from stores and delivered to homes by “butlers on motorbikes.” Consumers simply pay £5 for the service.

Butlers perform ID checks for alcohol and tobacco purchases before the goods are handed over.

The app is designed to “completely transform the relationship with local convenience stores by optimising user friendly online instant payment,” co-founder Marco Saio said.

 “With its fleet of discreet butlers on motorbikes, Bevy puts the off-licence in the palm of your hand by offering independent retailers an on-demand digital platform,” he added.

“For the first time local convenience stores can compete with large chains to provide alcohol, tobacco, snacks and more all at the touch of a button.”

Brand ambassador and Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing added: “This is exactly what is needed when you check the fridge in the middle of a party and there isn’t anything left. We’ve definitely been caught out far too many times without a bottle in hand, so this app is a life saver.”

The app even allows consumers to track their delivery’s progress via GPS.

If successful the company hopes to launch the service nationwide. Stores interested in becoming retail partners can visit www.bevy.co/retailers/