Consumers are now able to access cardless cash at ATMs across the UK following the launch of a new service from online cash payments provider Ukash and Bank Machine.

The new initiative aims to further empower cash consumers and extend the convenience of online cash.

Under the scheme, consumers can convert online funds through Ukash codes into cash at more than 3,000 Bank Machine ATMs without the need for a debit or credit card.

Ukash CEO David Hunter said the initiative was designed to give consumers the utmost flexibility with their Ukash.

“The partnership between Ukash and Bank Machine will make Bank Machine the first non-bank operator to offer cardless cash withdrawals at ATMs,” he added.

Bank Machine’s business development manager, Stephen Hart, added:  “At Bank Machine, our constant focus is on increasing consumer access to cash through our ATMs. The partnership between Ukash and Bank Machine certainly achieves that, and this innovation clearly demonstrates that ATMs can provide services that complement those offered on the internet.”