A 14-year-old boy has been banned from a London borough for three years after carrying out a campaign of racist violence against local store owners.
London Crown Court heard how the boy, who was given a three-year anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) banning him from entering the Borough of Southwark, walked around the Rouel Road Estate in Bermondsey wielding a golf club and a knife, taunting black residents and retailers.
In one incident, the court heard how the boy had waited outside a local c-store with a knife, let down the store owner’s tyres and yelled racist abuse while doing so.

A pair of 18-year-olds have been given ASBOs after spraying graffiti over more than 100 buildings, including c-stores and trains.
Cambridge Magistrates Court heard how Wesley Stanford and Edward Bateson ‘tagged’ walls, trains and benches over a two-year period before being caught in the act by an off-duty police officer, who saw them spraying a railway bridge in the city.
The pair, who were fined £210 and £450 respectively, and made to pay court costs, have been banned from carrying paint, pens or stickers in public and cannot produce any graffiti without permission and supervision.

The ringleader of a teenage gang has been banned from entering every store in a North Wales town.
The 17-year-old boy, who had already collected 10 convictions including assault, shoplifting, racial abuse and criminal damage, was given a two-year ASBO by local magistrates to stop him entering stores in Colwyn Bay.
ASBO officer for Conwy and Denbighshire Stuart Lloyd said: “This boy appears to be the ringleader of a larger gang and we are hoping that by taking him out of the equation we will prevent the other members from coming to our notice.”