A local authority in Norfolk has granted a Tesco superstore a 20% reduction in its business rates because it is having to compete with other stores owned by the multiple giant in the region.

Tesco has been granted the reduction for its store in Stalham by North Norfolk District Council based on the fact there are an increasing number of its stores in the northern part of the county.

The decision has angered many local retailers, particularly as they are facing a 25% increase in their own business rates. Two years ago their rates were cut by the same figure when they made a block application to the council over the detrimental affect the superstore’s presence had has on trade since it opened.

Nigel Dowdney, who runs the Stalham Shopper store, said: “It’s not like Tesco needs any more advantages but it looks like it has got another one here.

“We are going to appeal against any increase in business rates, and I hope other retailers in the area do the same. However, at the moment, we will just have to grin and bear it.”