Alcohol retailers have been instructed not to sell 500ml cans of Kestrel Super, Skol Super and Carlsberg Special Brew after the products were found to encourage excessive consumption by the Independent Complaints Panel.

The ICP, which is operated by the Portman Group, upheld a complaint from homelessness charity Thames Reach against the 9% abv cans.

The Panel judged that it would be reasonable to expect that the contents of the products would be consumed by one person in one session, on the basis that the quality of the product would degrade quickly once the can was opened. One 500ml can contains 4.5 units, which is 0.5 units above the government’s lower risk daily guidelines for men and 1.5 units over those for women.

Independent research carried out by YouGov, commissioned on behalf of the Panel, found that 80% of consumers expected the contents of a 500ml 9% abv can to be consumed by one person in one session, with only 2% saying that the cans could be easily resealed.

The Portman Group, the responsibility body for UK drinks producers, has sent out retailer alert bulletins for the three products.

The bulletins state: “Licensees are asked not to place orders for stocks of Kestrel Super Premium, Carlsberg Special Brew and Skol Super 9% ABV in the existing 500ml can packaging, as shown, after 31 March 2015. Licensees who place orders before this date should consider limiting the order to the quantity that would normally be sold by this date.”

The Portman Group Code is supported by over 140 signatories representing the overwhelming majority of the drinks industry.