The Association of Convenience Stores has published a new guide on managing food safety and hygiene as part of its Assured Advice scheme.

The new guide provides an overview of what is expected of convenience store retailers to comply with food safety and hygiene laws.

The guide contains comprehensive advice to protect retailers against a range of risks apparent in a typical convenience store. Included in the guide are procedures for temperature checks, chilled storage, hot foods, cross contamination, record keeping, waste, cleaning and more.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Food safety and hygiene laws apply to all convenience stores as they cover the sale of food items, regardless of whether the food is pre-packed, wrapped, loose or prepared in store.

“The rules on food safety and hygiene are complex, which is why we have produced this detailed guidance and supporting materials for our members. We encourage retailers to sign up to ACS’ Assured Advice scheme to benefit from the legal assurance that our guides offer.”

Assured Advice has been developed for convenience store owners by the ACS and Surrey County Council. Assured Advice is free for full members of ACS.

The new guide can be viewed and downloaded here