The UK's best-selling PC games magazine, PC Gamer, is covermounting a set of six precision screwdrivers with its July issue.
The set of four flat-head and two Phillips-head screwdrivers are specially designed for use on delicate PC hardware.
The July issue of PC Gamer also has two exclusive game reviews: Half Life 2: Episode 1; and Rise & Fall.
Each month, PC Gamer comes with a double-sided gaming DVD and the July issue's disc features a seven-day free trial of Dungeons & Dragons Online; playable demos including Titan Quest, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Pacific Storm and Rush for Berlin; E3 movie footage of 42 new games; and a collection of tools, utilities, drivers and patches.
The July issue of PC Gamer went on sale on June 8 with a cover price of £5.99.