Scottish c-store chain Botterills celebrated its 50th anniversary in style earlier this month at a lavish
dinner attended by hundreds of staff, suppliers and invited guests.
Managing director Lizette Craig hosted the event with her father, company chairman Jim Botterill, at Glasgow's Science Centre. They used the occasion to thank staff and suppliers for their support, reminisce about the history of the company and to reiterate their intention to spurn the approaches of the multiples and remain independent.
CJ Lang's Archie Gilchrist and Sandy Wilkie of Robert Wiseman Dairies both paid tribute to the company in speeches from the platform.
? Brian Straiton has been appointed operations director of Botterills, with effect from July 3. Straiton joined the company as trainee store manager in 1987 and has held various posts including store manager, area store controller and operations manager. Botterills operates 44 Spar stores in central Scotland.