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  • Premier Victoria Dock Hull

    Premier Victoria Dock, Hull


    Joe and Kuldeep Kaur Punian opened their latest store in Hull’s Victoria Dock in February, under Premier’s latest store format.

  • Generation V
    Features and Analysis

    Generation V


    With the multiples expanding their offer to appeal to those leading a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, the question is should convenience stores follow suit? C-Store explores how retailers can make the most of the meat-free category as it continues to grow in popularity.

  • Champions

    Be the first call for customers


    Our C-Store Champions agree that providing a quick and friendly service and finding a USP are vital to fending off the competition.

  • Nisa Deepdale

    Nisa Deepdale, Norfolk


    A £180,000 refit of Jamie Keshwara’s Nisa Deepdale store in March 2017 saw sales leap 13% last year. And business continues to soar as summer tourists contribute to a 15% sales increase this year.

  • rural store
    Features and Analysis

    Country pursuit


    Small rural stores haven’t had an easy ride as challenges come at them from all sides. However, many are finding the future looks bright thanks to a strategy of investing in a diverse range of services, offering products that create a point of difference, and engaging with their community.

  • phone
    Features and Analysis

    A smart way of marketing


    Social media marketing is a vital business tool, but many retailers still struggle to win over shoppers online. Here we highlight top web tricks.

  • apple
    Features and Analysis

    A 'nanny state' c-store


    As new figures reveal record highs in childhood obesity and the government questions whether to roll out more red tape around unhealthy products, retailers are questioning whether they are doing enough to promote healthy eating to children.

  • Brunel Uni coffee-to-go
    Products In Depth

    The rise of the drinks machines


    Retailers are giving the coffee shops a run for their money as consumer demand for coffee and dispensed drinks shows no signs of slowing

  • Coop Italia Bicocca Milan

    Co-op Italia, Bicocca, Milan


    Interactive technology and cool design are laying a template for the future of retail in Milan’s affluent suburb of Bicocca

  • Lunchbox image
    Products In Depth

    Back to school: Hungry for healthy


    As pressure grows for consumers to improve their children’s diets, parents are actively seeking out lunchbox snacks that are high in nutrients and low in sugar

  • Selfie wine image
    Products In Depth

    Put wine in the frame


    Wine is up against a multitude of challenges, but manufacturers are working to keep wine relevant to capture a new generation of drinkers 

  • Crisps image
    Products In Depth

    When it comes to the crunch


    It’s all about health, convenience and bold flavours in the snacking aisles at the moment and there’s an obscene amount of product choice for retailers. So what’s trending and what’s not?

  • Energy drinks image
    Products In Depth

    Make it fit and healthy


    The spotlight on sugar and caffeine in soft drinks means retailers need to ensure their sports and energy range reflects shopper demand

  • C-Store Champions

    Create aisles of smiles


    Finding and retaining staff can be a tricky and time-consuming business. Our C-Store Champions reveal how they handle the issue.

  • Discounters
    Features and Analysis

    Beyond price


    The discounters are becoming a force to be reckoned with, stretching the battleground beyond pounds and pence and changing the face of the UK grocery industry along the way. C-Store looks at their route to success and asks whether independent stores can fight back.

  • Leeds

    Londis Woodhouse Street, Leeds


    Londis Woodhouse Street in Leeds re-opened in March after converting to the symbol group’s latest ‘store of the future’ format. 

  • Battersea General Store
    Features and Analysis

    Battersea General Store, London


    Raj Bathia opened the 6,500sq ft Battersea General Store in July 2017. Located within the £9bn regenerated Battersea Power Station, Raj has described it as “your global local store”.

  • Crime
    Features and Analysis

    For your own protection


    Robbery is one of the most extreme experiences faced by retailers. C-Store explores how store owners can prepare for the worst.

  • Frozen
    Products In Depth

    Welcome to the new ice age


    Ready meals, ice cream and meal deals are helping to keep retailers out of the cold when it comes to success in the frozen food category

  • Day Today Troon
    Products In Depth

    How to make craft work


    Craft beers and cider may be a fast-changing category, but it’s worth doing the leg work to ensure you cash in on its growing following