James Lowman 5 – Page 4

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    Making headlines


    Retailers need to take a common sense approach to displaying lads mags in their store.

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    Crime fighting


    ACS is lobbying MPs on the Anti-Social Behaviour Bill, but retailers concerned about recent developments need to focus on local engagement too, says James Lowman.

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    Anti-social amendments


    It’s a shame the government has undermined positive measures in the Anti-Social Behaviour Bill by introducing a last-minute clause, says James Lowman.

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    Inside Parliament


    The ACS gives evidence to MPs on the challenges facing the industry.

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    Embracing the future


    Effective engagement is the key to facing the challenges ahead, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.

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    Shaping the debate


    Retailers and other communities stakeholders have to step up and make themselves heard on crime and other issues like neighbourhood planning, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.

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    On a roll(over)


    The government’s recognition that local shops should be given more protection is a step forward and welcome reward for all of you, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.

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    Policy Watch


    There are several key issues on the policy horizon that will be central to our agenda over the next 12 months, says James Lowman.

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    Evaluating the rates conundrum


    Will you be a winner or a loser from the delay in the rates revaluation, asks James Lowman

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    Monopoly rules


    Only radical action can change attitudes in the news and magazines market, says James Lowman

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    Message to George


    Give the tools to local shops to rebuild the economy, says James Lowman of ACS

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    Planning for Diverse Local Centres


    Our new guide, Planning for Diverse Local Centres, attempts to explain and simplify the new planning regime.

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    Unfair business relationships


    Unfair business relationships are preventing retailers from doing their jobs, says James Lowman

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    The Sunday blues


    The Sunday Trading Olympics Bill is a blow for small retailers, but there are still plenty of opportunities

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    A terrible Budget for small shops


    The 2012 Budget will go down as one of the worst for small shops,

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    Prepare for plain packaging fight


    The battle for sensible debate on plain packaging is about to begin in earnest.

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    The advent of the Localism Act


    Government plans to hand decision-making powers to communities across the country are now official

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    The community role of retailers needs to be taken seriously


    One of the few positives that emerged from the recent rioting has been a renewed expression of community, argues James Lowman

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    ACS in action: Digesting the 2011 Budget


    James Lowman digests the highs and lows of the 2011 Budget and its implications for small stores

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    Opinion: James Lowman's New Year's resolutions for government


    James Lowman, chief executive of the ACS, outlines the New Year’s resolutions he would like to see government make