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  • HIM

    Beating the discounter

    HIM think tank | 24 Jul 2018

    More shoppers are using the discounters to top up, creating a huge challenge for the convenience sector, writes Giorgio Rigali.

  • Dominic Burrell

    Winning during the World Cup

    HIM think tank | 26 Jun 2018

    It’s crucial retailers are catering for viewers’ needs, tempting them through quality ranges, eye-catching displays and enticing cross-promotions, writes HIM’s Dominic Burrell.

  • Heidi Lanschuetzer

    Following the healthy agenda

    HIM think tank | 31 May 2018

    Making it easy for shoppers to choose a healthier option over a not-so-healthy one is paramount, writes HIM’s Heidi Lanschuetzer.

  • HIM

    The challenges of new legislation

    HIM think tank | 02 May 2018

    It is imperative that BWS suppliers begin to understand the threats and opportunities Minimum Unit Pricing may present for their brands, says HIM’s Josh Clifton.

  • Heidi Lanschuetzer

    Healthy options

    HIM think tank | 12 Apr 2018

    There is a huge opportunity for retailers to take a proactive approach in making healthy foods more accessible and affordable to a wider population, writes HIM’s Heidi Lanschuetzer.

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