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  • Heidi Lanschuetzer

    Healthy options

    HIM think tank | 12 Apr 2018

    There is a huge opportunity for retailers to take a proactive approach in making healthy foods more accessible and affordable to a wider population, writes HIM’s Heidi Lanschuetzer.

  • HIM

    Quick wins to influence shoppers

    HIM think tank | 06 Mar 2018

    Mission-led merchandising can be key to driving higher basket size and spend, says HIM’s Giorgio Rigali.

  • HIM

    Don't forget the elderly

    HIM think tank | 07 Feb 2018

    HIM data shows that those aged 65 years and older make up almost a quarter (23%) of total c-store shoppers, writes Heidi Lanschuetzer.

  • HIM

    New year, new starts

    HIM think tank | 10 Jan 2018

    It’s helpful to know that 32% of men and 42% of women are this year making a new year’s resolution, says HIM’s Chloe Kent.

  • HIM

    The art and science of displays

    HIM think tank | 01 Dec 2017

    For the first time we can help retailers and suppliers challenge the conventional practices around shopper marketing, says HIM’s Blake Gladman.

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