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  • HIM

    Digital ordering

    HIM Think Tank | 12 Dec 2018

    It is vital that suppliers embrace and invest in B2B e-commerce and are knowledgeable as to the key guiding principles, says HIM’s Chloe Kent.

  • Alice Dolling

    Beyond price

    HIM Think Tank | 19 Nov 2018

    With multiple players now in the market, it will be very important for discounters to start to differentiate themselves beyond price and value to have that competitive edge, says HIM’s Alice Dolling.

  • HIM

    Healthier range, happier shoppers

    HIM Think Tank | 26 Oct 2018

    Understanding the core differences between the average shopper and the healthy snacking shopper is essential, writes HIM’s Zoe Jag-Nathan.

  • HIM

    Fuelling growth at the forecourt

    HIM Think Tank | 21 Sep 2018

    Shoppers are increasingly turning to forecourts for their weekly top-up needs, writes Giorgio Rigali.

  • HIM

    The healthy snacking offer

    HIM Think Tank | 24 Aug 2018

    As many as 27% of shoppers want more healthier options to be available within meal deals so tap into this trend, says Giorgio Rigali.

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