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    Welcome to a new era


    A lot has happened in the past two decades in UK convenience, and it’s all set to change again, says HIM’s Katie Hemmings.

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    Looking forward to 2015


    Dynamic market conditions and a new breed of shopper have created a ‘perfect storm’, which points towards revolution, not evolution, for UK convenience, says HIM’s Katie Littler.

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    Top service brings smiles all round


    The thousands of convenience shoppers we speak to every month never let us forget how important sales staff are in building loyalty and driving sales, says HIM's Katie Littler.

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    Fresh drives top-up credibility


    Competition is everywhere and it’s no longer okay to get away with a poor fresh offer, says HIM’s Blake Gladman.

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    How own label adds value


    A credible own-label offer is a key way of driving loyalty, says HIM’s Jennifer Pratt.

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    Don't forget core missions


    With growing pressures facing the channel, convenience needs to re-focus on core missions to ensure its long-term success, says HIM’s Sophie Jones.

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    Why meals need to be a focus


    The ‘meal for tonight’ and ‘food to go’ missions are seeing the strongest growth year-on-year, says HIM’s Sarah Ashworth.

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    Let services work for your business


    Using services to drive footfall is as relevant today as it’s ever been, says HIM’s Molly Wilmot.

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    Don't neglect store ambience


    The in-store experience and environment are becoming the new differentiator for shoppers, says HIM's Daron Gonzales.

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    When thoughts turn to spring


    At this time of year it’s important for retailers to ensure their store is fit to take advantage of shoppers’ optimism, says HIM’s Blake Gladman.