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  • Belle Nairac

    Ready, steady, food to go


    With the food-to-go market set to increase by an average of 4.4% over the next three years, this is the time for retailers to cement their offering to their shoppers.

  • Ruth Cousins

    The value of trust


    Trust can be gained in a number of ways and, once achieved, you’ll find loyal customers coming back time and again.

  • Alice Dolling

    Trust is the key for success in fresh


    When it comes to fresh food, gaining a shopper’s trust is essential to secure their custom, says HIM’s Alice Dolling.

  • Ruth Cousins

    A quick smile goes a long way


    Customer and store owner/staff relationships have always been at the very heart of what makes the convenience industry unique and special, says HIM’s Ruth Cousins.

  • HIM

    Think solutions, not products


    Shoppers are looking for convenience stores to offer them solutions and not just products, says HIM’s Blake Gladman.

  • Ruth Cousins

    How to satisfy summer shoppers


    The long-awaited summer months are finally in sight and it’s time for retailers to get ready for the chaos, writes HIM’s Ruth Cousins.

  • Ruth Cousins

    How powerful are pmps?


    A third of UK adults say that knowing a convenience store sells pricemarked packs positively influences their decision to visit that particular store, writes HIM’s Ruth Cousins.

  • Val Kirillovs

    Making the most out of Easter


    HIM research shows that 36% of shoppers were just passing by when they decided to come in-store over Easter, writes Val Kirillovs.

  • Belle Nairac

    Healthy eating cannot be ignored


    A massive 78% of shoppers don’t see c-stores as credible places to buy fresh and healthy products, writes HIM’s Belle Nairac.

  • Elsye Charvin

    Snowball your sales this Christmas


    HIM’s Elyse Charvin advises retailers on making the most of the last-minute festive shopper.

  • Louise Howarth

    Fast and friendly service matters


    HIM’s Louise Howarth addresses what good customer service means within convenience.

  • Blogs

    Make the fright decisions


    Halloween continues to grow and the opportunity for retailers to take advantage is clearer than ever, writes HIM's Matt Smith.

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    Don't ignore the food to go mission


    Recent research from HIM shows one in four UK adults bought food to go from c-stores within the past seven days, writes Katherine Dixon.

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    Impact of display ban on shoppers


    With the tobacco display ban in place in small stores for nearly six months, now is a great time to consider what impact it has actually had on shoppers, writes HIM's Katie Littler.

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    Think mission for fresh sales


    In order to create the perception of a 'credible fresh food offer', the number one thing stores need to do is ensure a 'clean and tidy shopping area', writes HIM's Ed Sibley.

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    Interrupting and inspiring in-store


    HIM research has found that the level of impulse purchasing in convenience stores is at an impressive five-year high, says Katie Littler.

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    The importance of value


    The recession has solidified shopper habits in such a way that finding value for money remains a priority for many, says HIM's Sophie Jones.

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    Get shoppers to act on impulse


    It’s unsurprising that only 15% of convenience store shoppers purchased an item on impulse, says HIM's Jennie Milner.

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    Welcome to a new era


    A lot has happened in the past two decades in UK convenience, and it’s all set to change again, says HIM’s Katie Hemmings.

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    Looking forward to 2015


    Dynamic market conditions and a new breed of shopper have created a ‘perfect storm’, which points towards revolution, not evolution, for UK convenience, says HIM’s Katie Littler.