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    How often do the proper reps come calling?


    I write so often about the ‘improper’ reps who come cold-calling that I forget there is one type of rep that retailers welcome.

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    No booze cruise for Karmail


    I got a call from Karmail Singh, the retailer who lost his licence after his mother died. (She had been the premises licence holder and he did not inform the council within the required seven days.)

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    Dear Jac: First past the post


    A rally of postmasters took a petition of four million names to 10 Downing Street last month (how come they delivered by hand?) to protest about loss of income and falling numbers.

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    Dear Jac: Still on staff - not thieving, just not working.


    Staff are meant to work, right? John Maxwell Jones, who runs Burgess Stores at Goudhurst in Kent, had a 'worker' who took sick days without ringing in or producing a medical certificate and then left without notice, leaving a note on the deli counter and leaving John short-staffed at an ...

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    Dear Jac: Beware the enemy within. Thieving staff is the last thing you need.


    It was good to get a retailer's recommendation for a supplier that helped him nail down the mysterious case of the missing Richmond King Size 20s cartons that disappeared every shift that a certain employee worked.

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    Dear Jac: If you catch them with their fingers in the till, don't hang about, fire them.


    I'm not going to identify this Essex retailer because he still hasn't fired the member of staff who has spent most of her time stealing bits and pieces from him on a daily basis ever since he took over the business and its staff 18 months ago.

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    Dear Jac: Introducing a new slot – website of the fortnight.


    Lesley Roberts rang from her store in Rock Ferry, Liverpool, wanting to find out if I knew of a supplier of plastic ribbon door curtains she could use to screen her stockroom. It is currently being inadequately screened by a beaded curtain.

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    Dear Jac: Here’s a training tip – make it clear to staff what they can and can’t sign for.


    This interesting little tale comes from Paul Henshaw, whose current Spar store trades in Meliden, near Prestatyn, North Wales. He used to own another store not far away at Bodelwyddan, and in 2001 a member of staff signed him up to a five-year leasing agreement with a hygiene services company ...

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    Dear Jac: Anybody need help from an old hand?


    Jim Roberts is a rare thing. He’s an ex-retailer turned consultant who once specialised in buying run-down shops, pulling them up by their bootstraps and selling them on at a profit. And, as he was independent himself for many years, he knows what the constraints on business are, which means he’s very affordable.
    I recently referred a lady to him who had been on the phone in tears, her business rolling downhill before her eyes. He helped and she is happier.

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    Dear Jac: Your ‘best asset’ can sometimes turn out to be the very opposite.


    Yes, we re talking staff here. I regularly get callers with long tales of woe about useless, lying, thieving staff and those who can t even be a waste of space since they are too busy malingering to show up at all. A recent caller, who preferred to stick to ...