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    The duty of care is down to you


    Back in May I included a couple of stories about three retailers complaining over broadband switching delays and the subsequent screwing up of their Redcare alarm systems.

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    A smart switch or a turn off?


    Mick Overton, the Corner Shop, seems to think he got amazing results from his energy supplier when he copied me and the ombudsman onto his emails

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    More clunk than click


    One of these days I expect modern technology will become so advanced that you’ll be able to fix any wrangle with your supplier by, say, plugging your smart phone into your supplier’s website and shouting

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    Bad wiring leads to alarming results


    Watch out if you are installing broadband…I’ve had three complaints now about BT screwing up redcare alarms

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    Here's a cheap call


    The Menzies saga also prompted Nick Heath, head of communications at to get in touch

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    Going online is the answer


    Over the last few weeks I have run quite a song and dance about news wholesaler Menzies switching from an 0845 number to an 0844 one

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    All chilled out and bursting with energy


    Now, I don’t want to knock Lucozade. Crikey, it’s an institution. Falls into that ‘trusted brand’ category like Marmite or Persil…

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    Cool questions for form filling


    Charlie Khan, who runs SMA Convenience Store in Sheffield, rang with two questions. At what temperature was he obliged to store dairy products?

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    Build up your energy


    Despite what anyone in government ever says, there will be more rules and regs to comply with come April.

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    Do the same rules apply for all?


    I’d have to squeeze my already hard-pushed brain to work out where the same rules apply in any situation.

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    An unhealthy reaction


    Malcolm Thompson (M&B Thompson’s, Darlington) has added his protest to the time the new Health Lottery tickets take to process (up to 10 minutes on a Saturday night). “It was at a virtual standstill,” he reports.

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    A light bulb moment?


    A few issues back I reported that Michael Outama was investigating the possibility of installing solar panels on the roof of his West Midlands Londis. And I promised an update. This has taken far longer than we expected since Green Sun, the company…

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    Epos systems drive you rand the bend


    It isn’t just our country’s Post Office experiencing problems with its computer system (Horizon), which has seen many sub-postmasters penalised for accountancy errors.

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    Paying through the nose


    Here’s a tip from Marco Carini, whose family has run Carini’s in Ebbw Vale, South Wales, for 90 years (est. 1921!). A customer paid £700 to the Secure Trust Bank of Ireland through Marco’s PayZone terminal. He got 20p for the transaction and his…

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    We'd love to hear from you sunshine


    Just a quickie. Anybody out there successfully installed solar panels in their store?

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    It might be you...maybe...perhaps


    A few retailers have been in touch to ask how they could improve their chances with Camelot now that it’s been announced that there may be some new terminals on offer come the end of the year. I asked Camelot for some advice and got the usual…

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    The checks for online betting


    John Smith has been pondering the role of the internet in the sale of lottery tickets to the under-aged. He writes from Rockland St Mary PO in Norfolk: “We had a visit from Camelot with one of their underage testers just before the lottery closed at 7.30pm.

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    Dear Jac: What a fine business this is to be in


    I got some feedback from my last column on the subject of credit card authorisation through terminals and fraud prevention. It was Ukash/Visa last time through PayPoint. This time it is Elavon credit cards through Payzone.

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    PayPoint increases profits but pays out less commission


    PayPoint grew its pre-tax profits by 5.5% to 34.5m in the year to March 27 2011, but the amount paid out in commission to retailers actually fell

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    Good luck is rubbing off


    Congratulations! You have sold a winning National Lottery ticket! That would be a good letter to receive from Camelot, wouldn’t it?