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    How green is your valley?


    I reported recently that Shahida Sarwar was looking for a green grant to improve her refrigeration…

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    A rocky till roll story


    Your PayPoint till rolls should arrive like clockwork so you are never short…

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    Hole in the wall leaking money


    It’s a pretty serious business punching a hole in the front of your shop to house an ATM…

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    Camelot casualties in its improvement programme


    The two sets of country folk who have got in touch following my piece in the last issue about Camelot’s change of rules over minimum sales are not amused. In fact, one labelled it ‘weird’ and another called it ‘strange’.

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    John Doe's tale of woe


    Camelot and I go back a long way…

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    We need a code cracker


    And here’s a request for more feedback…Colin Duncan had major, major probs with his epos system…

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    Keeping their fingers crossed


    I had a conversation with Sameeia Ishaque whose father runs a shop in London’s St Johns Wood…

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    No longer giving you the push off


    You probably haven’t heard of IVR systems. I hadn’t either, but you’ve certainly experienced them…

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    Giving the money away


    It’s handy for customers when they can get cash at your store; even better when they get free money…

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    Oh shoot, an unloaded gun is useless


    Can anyone recommend a really easy-to-use pricing gun for Peter Smith?…

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    True or false? A web of lies?


    Ah, the good old internet, source of all that informs and misinforms…

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    Another debit on the credit card


    Do you check your credit card statements closely? Suresh reckons most retailers don’t pay much attention to small amounts on their card statements.

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    Turn mobiles into tills


    Came the query from Mary Clark: we are purely cash, but a card machine would be handy for peak times…

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    Earning some interest


    Here’s some good-ish news; a sort of silver lining if you will…

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    Got you by the short and curlies


    Andrew and Sharon Carne’s reaction to Streamline’s cost of compliance had been similar: “What a cheek.”…

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    It just doesn't add up


    Stephen Cuthbert ‘summed’ up the dilemma of do-you/don’t-you offer PayPoint/Payzone services very well…

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    When the ATM doesn't bring in the cash


    Chandrakant Patel, who runs a Spar at New Cross in south-east London, has been having a tussle with PayPoint over his ATM…

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    It's not easy, I'll grant you


    Gurdev Singh has been at his Linskill Store in Newcastle on Tyne for 24 years and still has one of the original chillers

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    The duty of care is down to you


    Back in May I included a couple of stories about three retailers complaining over broadband switching delays and the subsequent screwing up of their Redcare alarm systems.

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    A smart switch or a turn off?


    Mick Overton, the Corner Shop, seems to think he got amazing results from his energy supplier when he copied me and the ombudsman onto his emails