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    The year ahead

    David Rees: Editor's comment | 08 Jan 2019

    At first glance, it seems like as an industry we will have more challenges than opportunities to deal with in the coming year but, then again, that has probably always been the case.

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    A safe place?

    David Rees: Editor's comment | 14 Nov 2018

    The shocking, but not entirely surprising, findings of our mini survey of c-store operators is that practically every single one has been a recent victim of crime.

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    Adapting the gantry

    David Rees: Editor's comment | 31 May 2018

    Our research indicates that retailers, and consumers, have simply got used to the inconveniences of tobacco regulation and carried on, says C-Store’s editor.

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    Welcome to the new world

    David Rees: Editor's comment | 16 May 2018

    The completion of the Co-op’s takeover of Nisa signals the start of a whole new way of doing business, not just for Nisa retailers but for Costcutter stores, too, writes C-Store’s editor.

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    A merge too far?

    David Rees: Editor's comment | 02 May 2018

    The CMA needs to consider very carefully whether the proposed Asda-Sainsbury’s merger is in the best interests of shoppers and the market as a whole, writes C-Store’s editor.

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