David Rees: Editor's comment – Page 3

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    Minimum requirement


    If the government really thinks small businesses are the driving force for economic growth then it needs to scrap business rates, or freeze the minimum wage, or both, says editor David Rees.

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    A One Stop solution


    Whether a One Stop franchise turns out to be a good option for independents in the long run will obviously depend on the business model, says editor David Rees.

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    The Buyco issue


    Editor David Rees addresses questions arising from the Costcutter/P&H deal.

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    Stick or twist?


    Making an investment in developing a better store would normally be a no-brainer. But the prospect of a multiple opening up nearby means best-laid plans can be undermined before you start, says editor David Rees.

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    Welcome to 2013


    This year could be a momentous one for UK retail, says editor David Rees.

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    Plain thinking


    It’s about time that the real world had at least some connection with government policy, says editor David Rees

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    Regulate to accumulate


    It is time for action on the whole culture of regulation, says editor David Rees.

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    Must try harder


    Half term is coming for schoolchildren across the country, so we thought it was time for a half-term report on the government, says editor David Rees

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    Slow progress


    It’s been nearly two years since Costcutter executive chairman Colin Graves stood up at the group’s annual conference…

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    Planning for the future


    It is a constant source of amazement to me just how much store building is being carried out by the multiple grocers.

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    In the running


    There can be no doubt which is the major topic of conversation in homes, offices and retail checkout queues this week: Olympic fever

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    The big symbol switch


    It’s a very interesting time for the symbol group market right now. It’s a growing market, and has been for many years as independent retailers realise that they need increasing levels of professionalism and support in order to compete, but it’s also in high flux.

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    Plain speaking


    It is the retail industry that has the most to lose from this latest state-sponsored assault on the tobacco sector.

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    The M Word


    It looks like Costcutter will be forging an alliance with Morrisons some time soon, and what a shake-up that will give the convenience industry.

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    The blind leading the blinds


    So, after many months and years of protesting, it’s finally here. We are now living in a country where the retail display of tobacco products is restricted.

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    A job lot


    There has been much, and much-deserved, fury in recent weeks about the job creation claims of the multiple retailers.

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    The price of success


    Last weekend’s launch of the Sun on Sunday is likely to go down in history as one of the least-surprising sudden announcements ever.

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    Darkness before the dawn


    The tobacco display ban already seems to be having an effect on sales.

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    Up your street


    In political terms, the high street is growing like topsy.

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    Carried away


    We've had a few calls recently about the activities of Customs officers, and it hasn't been complimentary.