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  • Nottingham store brings back ‘Marcus Rashford school lunches’

  • Spar store manager recognised in Queen’s New Year Honours

  • How a new Covid-19 testing centre is going to boost my business

  • Nisa retailer beats life-threatening illness to make his store a success

  • One Stop retailer's food to go sales ‘decimated’ by second lockdown

  • ACS creates Raj Aggarwal Trophy to recognise community retailers

  • From zero to hero: How a closed unit transformed into a 24/7 community hub during lockdown

  • How award-winning store owner Ronak Patel is preparing for a second wave

  • Retailers preparing for a second lockdown

  • Bitter disappointment towards government inaction on worker abuse

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How coronavirus has changed convenience shopper behaviour

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While we all hope things go back to normal as soon and as safely as possible, we can be pretty certain of some long-term changes in consumer behaviour, which suppliers and retailers must adapt to

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