Over the past year, the squash category has seen unprecedented value growth of 11%, equating to an incremental £53m up to March 20201. Vimto outlines several trends that will be important for maximising category sales amid the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Trends for 2021

Healthy hydration. Healthy hydration has quickly become a prominent trend and currently accounts for 52% of all soft drink servings2. Consumers are making more informed decisions and seeking balanced choices. No added sugar variants and vitamin fortification options shouldn’t have to mean compromising on a quality drinks experience.

Vimto’s recently relaunched core squash range offers no added sugar options and is now fortified with vitamins C and D3, while still delivering on the same great taste and quality, enabling retailers to leverage this growing trend.

Purchasing habits. Consumers have opted to shop more locally with top up shops becoming habitual over the last year, and this is likely to remain.

Total squash sector sales have increased by over 11%1 since the beginning of the pandemic. It is therefore vital that smaller retailers and convenience stores replicate elements of the multiples ranging approach to cash in on the opportunities that come with stocking a variety of squash options.

Consumer loyalty. As consumers continue to prefer shopping locally, repeat purchase has become key. Research shows that 97% of squash purchases come from existing customers4, making frequency a core driver for retailers. Convenience stores and smaller retailers who are not currently stocking squash need to consider including it within their offering to reap repeat purchase rewards.

Staycations. Due to the increase in staycations, holidaymakers will be seeking to stock up on food and drinks at local convenience stores, especially in areas heavily populated with campsites and holiday parks.

Top products

Key stats

  • The squash category has increased in value by £53m since March 20201
  • The healthy hydration need state currently accounts for 52% of all soft drink servings2
  • The squash category has grown by 11% in the last year1
  • Vimto is the number 2 squash brand and the fastest growing brand in the UK5, having increased in sales by 21% since March 20201

Plan your shelf

Place squash products near bottled waters with clear POS. Retailers can also encourage consumers to trial squash by highlighting key health benefits, such as no added sugar options and vitamin-fortified liquids.

Placing new flavours next to consumer favourites will also encourage exploration of on-trend flavours and shows that retailers are stocked up on the most up-to-date products.

Top tips

  1. Stock a selection of consumer favourites as well as new flavours to encourage exploration
  2. Leverage the popularity of local and top up shopping, but have consumer favourites easily accessible
  3. Encourage trial through impulse purchasing by using shelf placement
  4. Stock a good range of flavours and no added sugar options to drive added value of the healthy hydration trend
  5. Make sure you incorporate recognised and trusted brands – but don’t be afraid to try something new. Consumers are keen to explore so make sure to trial new options
  6. During warmer summer months allocate extra space to squash ranges


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3 Vitamins C & D are in the following squash products: Vimto Original, Vimto No Added Sugar, Orange, Strawberry & Lime, Mango, Strawberry & Pineapple, and Winter Warmer. All flavours contain Vitamin D
4 Kantar WPO MAT 27.12.20
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