As consumers increasingly look to make healthier lifestyle choices following the pandemic, Grenade shows how c-stores can capitalise on merchandising low-sugar, high-protein snacks to meet those demands.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, 40% of adults in the UK are now motivated to make healthier life choices1, with six in 10 consumers actively trying to choose healthy snacks2 to hit their goals. Savvy store owners stand to increase profits by planning ahead and making room for healthy low-sugar, high-protein alternatives at the till.

A testament to this growing trend, Grenade’s low-sugar, high-protein bars now sell five times more than the nearest competitor in convenience3, rendering them the UK’s best-selling protein bars. Putting that into perspective, nine of the top 10 protein bars for cash rate of sale are all held by Grenade4.

With Grenade having focused on the key category drivers of health, taste and innovation, the brand is attuned to the changing consumer trends. Gone are the days when people disregard where their calories come from, now turned off by snacks that source a large proportion of their calories from sugar. Retailers can capitalise upon this trend – and increase profits – by making room for healthier confectionery alternatives that still taste great but also include functional benefits, such as protein.


The top products that really should fill your shelves


Key numbers you need to know

Share of the protein bar marke within convenience5

Best-selling protein bars are all Grenade6

The amount Grenade’s sales have increased year-on-year, outperforming the market7


Key trends

● Health: Research shows that 40% of shoppers read ingredients on the pack8, so it stands to reason that they care about what products contain. Providing an indulgent solution, Grenade Bars comprise just 2g sugar and up to 23g protein, while also being perceived as the best brand at delivering a combination of taste and function9. Positioned as a healthier alternative to regular confectionery, sales of Grenade are booming, with nine of the top 10 protein bars for cash rate of sale10 all held by the brand; choosing Grenade equates to more profit for retailers.

● Diet goals: While the importance of diet and overall fitness has grown hugely in the past five years, sentiment surrounding the importance of healthy living has reached fever pitch in the wake of Covid-19. At the same time, health-conscious consumers are busier than ever and looking to find more convenient ways to satisfy both their hunger and nutritional needs11. Protein-packed products offer a helping hand in that they keep people feeling fuller for longer – and therefore less likely to make unhealthy snacking decisions. With awareness surrounding the power of protein having filtered down to the masses, ensuring that protein goodies are visible at front-of-store impulse locations is paramount – consumers no longer expect to find these products in far-flung aisles.

● Snacking habits: At-home snacking during both the day and the evening is driving the market, with 69% of consumers snacking to keep energy levels up throughout the day12. Understanding that Brits will always want to snack – with 88% of adults eating more snacks than meals on a given day13 – this presents a profitable opportunity for retailers who are able to adapt their retail strategies. This includes placing healthier chocolate alternatives in prominent store locations, focusing on products that are not only proven to turn a profit, but those which clearly detail their health benefits on pack for time-poor consumers.


Plan your shelf the right way to increase sales

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1. Grenade’s high cash rate of sale, which drives more cash through the till each week than many leading chocolate singles, means healthier snacking is a valuable addition to a retailer’s range.

2. Grenade’s Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel is currently the number one protein bar in the market for cash rate of sale14, so stocking it should be a no-brainer. 

3. With customers opting for nutritional snacks, stores should locate their range in impulse locations where they are used to picking up treats, maximising point-of-sale opportunities.

4. Make the most out of your healthy snacking display by including a wide range of the best-selling products and flavours to cater for different nutritional needs, including opting for Grenade protein bars.

5. Have healthier snacks available from multiple locations in-store, including point-of-sale display units on the counter to increase the visibility of the range, and to help shoppers find their favourite products.

6. Shoppers are willing to pay more for products with functional benefits, such as high-protein and low-sugar snacks, which adds value to the retailer’s range.

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