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Category Management


C-store retailers rack up an estimated £1.2bn of lost sales each year. That’s money you cannot afford to lose.

The aim of category management is to boost retailers' profits by limiting lost sales, boosting basket spend and improving stockholding, which in turn boosts cash flow.

These leading suppliers have provided essential advice to help maximise your sales and profits. See how other retailers have developed their own stores and download or print planograms & stocklists.

Supplier advice


Alcohol - Diageo

Diageo has extended its My Store Matters programme with the launch of a NEW category advice initiative designed to help convenience retailers grow their alcohol sales. Using the latest market insights, ‘Inspire. Display. Sell’ presents retailers with a series of easy to follow and simple to activate principles, packaged together under three key pillars. Read on to find out whether you are implementing the three core principles of ‘Inspire. Display. Sell’…


Biscuit - Pladis Global

Better Biscuits Better Business will show you how to grow your Biscuit sales through ranging, merchandising and in-store location. Our advice is easy to understand and implement – in fact, retailers who have already tried and tested it saw their Biscuit unit sales grow by 68%. Click here for total biscuit category advice on how to grow your Biscuit sales today.


Breakfast Cereals - Cereal Partners

Nestle Breakfast Cereals (Cereal Partners & General Mills) is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of breakfast cereals with many well-loved brands such as Cheerios, Shredded Wheat and Shreddies.  Click here for planograms, top tips and advice for your breakfast cereal category.

Mondelez logo

Confectionery – Mondeléz

As a leader in snacking we can help you make the most of your sales with our planograms, top tips and advice for the confectionery category.

new - logo

Tea - Tetley Tea

As a much loved tea brand Tetley knows all there is to know about tea. This knowledge combined with research into shopper behaviour has been brought together in advice and guidance for convenience stores.   Click here for recommended English and Scottish planograms and advice on how to get more from your tea sales.


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