Nisa Fishpool

Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally (MADL) charity has seen a significant increase in community support from retailers over the last year via donations made through the charity.

In MADL’s last financial year, which finished at the end of June 2021, £1,190,976 was donated to good causes across the UK, with Nisa retailers making 2,082 donations to support local causes over the 12-month period.

The figures represent an increase of 43% in the amount donated compared with the previous year, and a 31% uplift in the number of individual donations made.

During the last year, the majority of donations (82%) were given to support good causes in three key areas; those promoting good health and wellbeing (50%), charities helping to combat food poverty (17%) and educational facilities, such as schools and playgroups (15%).

Community engagement from Nisa partners has remained strong throughout the year, with Making a Difference Locally also reporting a record month for donations last December and a record Q1 earlier this year.

Nisa’s head of charity Kate Carroll said: “The last year or so has undoubtedly been an incredibly challenging period for everyone due to the pandemic, so it’s been truly heart-warming to see how Nisa partners have really gone above and beyond for their communities during this time, not only through MADL but with the many other selfless gestures undertaken.

“The last year has been one of our strongest periods in terms of charitable giving by our partners and we’re thrilled that so many very deserving causes have benefitted from funding totalling almost £1.2m, which we hope will make a real difference for communities across the UK.”

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