Put community at your heart

19 Apr 2017 Updated: 21 Apr 2017 | By Gill Davies

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is one of the biggest killers in the UK, but local shops can help improve survival rates by installing a defibrillator.

Malcolm's Stores

Post Office: Delivering success?

18 Apr 2017 Updated: 21 Apr 2017 | By Robin Mannering

Do the benefits of adding a post office counter stack up? Retailers highlight the pros and cons of operating the service.


Ins and outs of labelling

05 Apr 2017 Updated: 07 Apr 2017 | By Nikki Cutler

Clear ingredients labelling could become as important as the price tag thanks to c-store shoppers’ growing desire to know what their food contains.


The 5.7% solution

07 Mar 2017 Updated: 10 Mar 2017 | By David Rees

How much extra are consumers prepared to pay for convenience? Our exclusive study from ESA Retail calculates exactly how much extra multiple grocery c-stores charge for common items in small stores.

food to go

Food to go: Lessons to take away

21 Feb 2017 Updated: 24 Feb 2017 | By Robin Mannering

The food-to-go market is continually growing and evolving. C-Store reports on the thinking behind the leading brands and emerging trends outlined in a new report and at a recent conference.


Apprenticeships: Learning on the job

21 Feb 2017 Updated: 24 Feb 2017 | By Sarah Britton

Retailers discuss how they manage apprenticeship schemes, and reveal the benefits they provide employees and the business.

Spar City Tower, Manchester

Valentine's Day Gallery

15 Feb 2017

As romantics across the United Kingdom spoiled their loved ones this Valentine’s Day, independent retailers were busy playing cupid.  Check out some of the displays here.


The appy medium

25 Jan 2017 Updated: 27 Jan 2017 | By David Rees

Smartphones and the apps they carry are at the heart of fundamental change in consumer behaviour. So can they work for convenience stores? We look at those currently in use in c-stores.

LED lighting

LED lighting: Look on the bright side

25 Jan 2017 Updated: 27 Jan 2017 | By Simon Banks

Modern LED lighting can not only slash electricity use but ensure your goods are seen in their best light. Here’s what you need to know.

Into the future

Into the future

16 Jan 2017 | By Robin Mannering

What will the sector look like in 2022? Retailers and analysts forecast the trends that could define the industry.

Wheelchair access

Are you open to everyone?

09 Jan 2017 | By Simon Banks

Stores that are fully accessible can attract new customers, create a loyal customer base and see their sales ramp up as a result.

Booker symbol groups

United Colours

15 Dec 2016 Updated: 23 Dec 2016 | By Robin Mannering

How Booker’s buyout of Musgrave has impacted retailers more than 12 months on.


Set the trends

15 Dec 2016 Updated: 23 Dec 2016 | By Robin Mannering

Leading industry figures outline their expectations for 2017.

Meal for tonight

How to be a Supper Hero

02 Dec 2016 | By Nikki Cutler

Retailers may have breakfast, lunch and snacking sorted, but as competition builds for all these occasions, is it time to build on the dinnertime offer?

Retail Guardian

Free your files

15 Nov 2016 Updated: 18 Nov 2016 | By David Rees

Running a c-store business can generate mountains of paper, but retailers are helping to develop systems to let computers take the strain.


Killing you click by click?

19 Oct 2016 Updated: 21 Oct 2016 | By Simon Banks

With online grocery services providing ever-faster options for shoppers, C-Store asks whether the likes of Amazon Fresh will deliver a body blow to convenience retailers’ trade.

social media

Social media: Have you got the message?

19 Oct 2016 Updated: 21 Oct 2016 | By Nikki Cutler

Despite much reservation about new social media sites, businesses are finding them useful for connecting with a new audience of shoppers.


Halloween Gallery

17 Oct 2016 | By Sarah Britton

As Halloween continues to grow at a monstrous rate, retailers across the UK are pulling out all the stops to ensure customers get into the spirit of the season.

Singhs Facebook

How to get the best out of Facebook

10 Oct 2016

The Singh’s Premier Facebook page has over 13,800 followers. Mandeep Singh, who runs the Sheffield-based business with twin brothers Vrinder and Baljeet, gives us his top tips on how to make a success of Facebook.

Londis Blean

Food to go: Counter attraction

04 Oct 2016 Updated: 07 Oct 2016 | By Sarah Britton

Convenience Store speaks to six retailers about their recent food-to-go investments.

CRA 2016

Convenience Retail Awards 2017: Enter now

04 Oct 2016 Updated: 07 Oct 2016 | By David Rees

It’s here again! Time to appraise your business and get your store looking at its best for the judges as entries are open for the 2017 Convenience Retail Awards.

functional food

Is functional food a good fit?

20 Sep 2016 Updated: 23 Sep 2016 | By Nikki Cutler

Some retailers are taking their range of healthy foods to another level with functional foods. Here’s how they make them work in their stores.

own brand

Design a label

07 Sep 2016 Updated: 09 Sep 2016 | By Gaelle Walker

Launching your own range of products is a great way to boost footfall, sales and to stand out from the crowd. C-Store considers all the elements needed to create a successful own brand, picking up top tips from independent retailers who have pioneered the way.


Put the colour back into NPD

30 Aug 2016 | By Nikki Cutler

Convenience retailers of all sizes agree that new products are crucial to build basket spend and to create interest in store. But you’ll only reap the benefits if you really get behind launches as they happen.

Polymer notes

Ready for the new readies?

30 Aug 2016 | By Sarah Britton

The introduction of polymer notes next month means retailers will need to be prepared. Here’s how to ensure you’re right on the money. 


Fresh thinking

09 Aug 2016 Updated: 12 Aug 2016 | By Robin Mannering

Mike Greene, ex CEO of the short-lived My Local chain, recently lamented the quality of the independent sector’s fresh offer. Do retailers believe his assesement is accurate, or are symbol groups catching up with the supermarkets?

customer conflict

Customer conflict: Keep calm and carry on

27 Jul 2016 Updated: 29 Jul 2016 | By Sarah Britton

When customers lose their cool, it is up to retailers and their staff to diffuse and control the situation.

Works must pay

Campaign: Digging for justice

26 Jul 2016 Updated: 29 Jul 2016 | By Robin Mannering

C-Store and sister title The Morning Advertiser have made a big step forward in the joint campaign to ensure that retailers are adequately compensated for losses due to roadworks.


How to capitalise on the Pokemon Go craze

18 Jul 2016 | By Sarah Britton

If you’re wondering how to make the most of the Pokemon Go phenomenon, then look no further.

MJ's Premier

Refit and raring to go

13 Jul 2016 Updated: 15 Jul 2016 | By Simon Banks

The convenience sector is ever-changing, so it is essential that retailers modify their stores to keep up with modern trends, and even more important that they plan their store refits to ensure their investment pays off.

Multi site

Multi-site retailing: Solid foundations

29 Jun 2016 Updated: 01 Jul 2016 | By Sarah Britton

Opening another store may sound straightforward but, as multi-site retailrs warn, if you don’t start with a solid base cracks will appear.

Sales assistant of the year

Sales Assistant of the Year: Rise and shine

23 Jun 2016 | By Gaelle Walker

Jennifer Kerr was a worthy winner of the 2015 Sales Assistant of the Year Awards. Now it’s time to unearth a new diamond.

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