Women in retail

Inequality street

23 Jan 2018 Updated: 26 Jan 2018 | By Gaelle Walker, Gill Davies

Men dominate senior management levels in the c-store sector, where a gender imbalance means businesses are losing out on valuable skills and insight. C-Store looks at what’s preventing women from climbing the career ladder, and what can be done to encourage equality.


Mergers of convenience

10 Jan 2018 Updated: 12 Jan 2018 | By Robin Mannering

The Tesco and Booker merger set the c-store sector on a course of consolidation, sparking a flurry of supply deals and takeovers. C-Store asks retailers their views on how they see the activity affecting their businesses.


Pay and go, go, go

14 Dec 2017 Updated: 15 Dec 2017 | By Ieuan Hughes

There has been a revolution in the way customers pay for their shopping. C-Store looks at the potential of new card payment systems and what the technology means to retailers.


What's in store for 2018?

14 Dec 2017 Updated: 15 Dec 2017

Where will the coming 12 months lead you? Industry experts and retailers give their advice on the trends to watch and areas to invest in.

Own brand

Own brand vs brand

29 Nov 2017 Updated: 01 Dec 2017 | By Ieuan Hughes

Retailers report that they are cutting back on brands and instead devoting more space to own label. C-Store investigates what’s driving this change and how shoppers have been persuaded that branded isn’t always best.

Kirsty Rhodes

Sales Assistant of the Year 2017

14 Nov 2017 Updated: 17 Nov 2017 | By Nikki Cutler

From marathon running to profit-earning business ideas, Kirsty Rhodes’ impressive list of skills helped her steal the show and win the title of Sales Assistant of the Year 2017.

Sales assistant

Sales Assistant of the Year: category winners named

01 Nov 2017 Updated: 03 Nov 2017 | By Nikki Cutler

This year’s Sales Assistant of the Year category winners have been selected. Here’s what makes them stand out 


Halloween gallery

01 Nov 2017 | By Gill Davies

Ghouls just wanna have fun, and retailers and their staff went all out to make sure their stores were part of the Halloween festivities

National Living Wage

Living with the NLW

17 Oct 2017 Updated: 20 Oct 2017

It’s been 18 months since the National Living Wage was introduced, and its effect on the c-store sector has been far-reaching. We look at what the enforced wage has meant to store owners, and the solutions they are finding to offset the increases in their costs.


Security: Shrink the shrinkage

04 Oct 2017 Updated: 06 Oct 2017 | By Ieuan Hughes

Shop theft is a big concern for c-store owners and it is vital you’re prepared. Here retailers give a round-up of what works for them.

CRA 2018

CRA 2018: Will you be the headline act?

04 Oct 2017 Updated: 06 Oct 2017

Entries are now open for the 2018 Convenience Retail Awards, the premium awards programme recognising excellence in the UK convenience store sector. 


Dublin: The cutting edge

21 Sep 2017 Updated: 22 Sep 2017 | By Robin Mannering

Dublin is leading the way in convenience retailing. C-Store takes a tour of the city’s stores to find out what the UK can learn from Ireland’s best.


Cue a rise in tribunal claims

05 Sep 2017 Updated: 08 Sep 2017 | By Andrew Don

The Supreme Court has ruled that employment tribunal fees are illegal. C-Store investigates the potential impact on retailers.


Help yourself

05 Sep 2017 Updated: 08 Sep 2017 | By Gill Davies, Ieuan Hughes

Want to boost your eco credentials, save staff time and help your store stand out? Perhaps you should be encouraging shoppers to serve themselves.


Millennials: Catering to the one-click consumer

24 Aug 2017 Updated: 25 Aug 2017 | By Nikki Cutler

Millennials have gone social media crazy and this has done more than simply increase the number of selfies they take. It’s also changed the products they want to buy and the way they want to buy them.

Eros Retail

A healthy business plan

14 Aug 2017 | By Nikki Cutler

Keeping the next generation of shoppers happy and healthy makes sound business sense. Here C-Store looks at how stores are working with schools and kids’ clubs to build awareness of nutrition.

Simply Fresh St James

The draw of the small store

14 Aug 2017 | By Robin Mannering

There’s nothing small about the allure of stores under 1,000sq ft. C-Store looks at how retailers can sweat the space of a limited area.


Another satisfied customer?

25 Jul 2017 Updated: 28 Jul 2017 | By Gill Davies

What customers want from their local store is not always as simple as the lowest prices, as more retailers are finding out. C-Store takes a closer look at what makes shoppers tick


Which way for rates appeals?

12 Jul 2017 Updated: 14 Jul 2017 | By Andrew Don

Business rates can be confusing and a new appeal system has done little to help the situation. C-Store examines the new regime.

Food service

Foodservice brands: On the menu

11 Jul 2017 Updated: 14 Jul 2017 | By Robin Mannering

The likes of Subway have led the way in terms of foodservice partnerships with c-stores. However, with the food-to-go market intensifying, retailers are also looking to emerging brands to provide them with a fresh point of difference. C-Store looks at what’s on offer.

Sales assistant of the year 2017

Sales Assistant of the Year 2017: Calling all the heroes

28 Jun 2017 Updated: 30 Jun 2017 | By Nikki Cutler

Convenience Store is on the hunt for our next champion sales assistant, and they could be among your team. They could follow in the footsteps of last year’s winner Tracie Horner and put your store in the spotlight.


Grow your ethical sales

14 Jun 2017 Updated: 16 Jun 2017

Consumers’ appetite for ethical products is increasing. Here’s how you can take the moral high ground and give your store the edge.

Robert Byford

Meat and greet

13 Jun 2017 Updated: 16 Jun 2017 | By Simon Banks

Shoppers are willing to pay more for quality food and in store experience, making a butchery counter a real asset. Retailers reveal how the service can add up to a bigger basket spend.

Great New Idea

NCS 2017 review

17 May 2017 Updated: 19 May 2017 | By C-Store team

Inspiring speakers, on-trend exhibitors and the latest innovation in products – last month’s National Convenience Show had it all

Easter egg hunt

Everyone's a winner

17 May 2017 Updated: 19 May 2017 | By Nikki Cutler

Want to make your store the talk of the town with little outlay? Running competitions either in-store or online could well be the answer


Understanding the sugar levy

02 May 2017 Updated: 05 May 2017 | By Nikki Cutler

C-Store welcomed forward-thinking retailers and Britvic’s senior colleagues to explain the imminent soft drinks industry levy.


Put community at your heart

19 Apr 2017 Updated: 21 Apr 2017 | By Gill Davies

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is one of the biggest killers in the UK, but local shops can help improve survival rates by installing a defibrillator.

Malcolm's Stores

Post Office: Delivering success?

18 Apr 2017 Updated: 21 Apr 2017 | By Robin Mannering

Do the benefits of adding a post office counter stack up? Retailers highlight the pros and cons of operating the service.


Ins and outs of labelling

05 Apr 2017 Updated: 07 Apr 2017 | By Nikki Cutler

Clear ingredients labelling could become as important as the price tag thanks to c-store shoppers’ growing desire to know what their food contains.


The 5.7% solution

07 Mar 2017 Updated: 10 Mar 2017 | By David Rees

How much extra are consumers prepared to pay for convenience? Our exclusive study from ESA Retail calculates exactly how much extra multiple grocery c-stores charge for common items in small stores.

food to go

Food to go: Lessons to take away

21 Feb 2017 Updated: 24 Feb 2017 | By Robin Mannering

The food-to-go market is continually growing and evolving. C-Store reports on the thinking behind the leading brands and emerging trends outlined in a new report and at a recent conference.


Apprenticeships: Learning on the job

21 Feb 2017 Updated: 24 Feb 2017 | By Sarah Britton

Retailers discuss how they manage apprenticeship schemes, and reveal the benefits they provide employees and the business.

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