Shop Project is an annual exercise whereby four stores are given a complete makeover in partnership with leading suppliers.

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With competition in retail intensifying and the pace of change accelerating all the time, every store owner could beneit from taking a close look at their range and merchandising to ensure they are maximising the return from their shelf space.

Once again, our annual Shop Project has demonstrated that any retailer can benefit from some useful hints and advice.

Many of you will already know this from your own experiences, with even relatively small changes in-store often delivering fairly big rewards.

The store owners participating in Convenience Store’s latest makeover exercise received expert advice on a variety of topics, including consumer trends, product ranges, the latest launches, and display techniques which are so important in making the most of your business.

The manufacturer project partners all worked with at least two of our test stores to assist the owners in detailed planning – and then put their recommendations for change into practice.

Over the following pages we introduce the store owners who took part in this year’s Shop Project and reveal the sales uplifts they achieved. These demonstrate, most impressively, that even small changes do, indeed, have a big impact.

David Rees – Editor, Convenience Store

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