Big Night In Occasion

Big up the big night in

04 Oct 2018 | By Nikki Cutler

The lure of staying in shows no sign of waning, but retailers need to shout about their offer if they are to avoid missing out to the mults.

OTC Meds

Sick of feeling poorly

26 Sep 2018

Strain on the NHS and shoppers’ busy lives mean that consumers are heading your way to find fast-acting remedies for common ailments.

Warner's Budgens Flavoured Teas

The hot news for hot brews

25 Sep 2018 | By Nikki Cutler

It’s all about the speciality options in hot beverages today, as younger shoppers demand barista-style coffees and health-boosting teas.

Best One Wanstead Christmas Display

Christmas confectionery: A balancing act

11 Sep 2018 | By Sarah Britton

Novelty confectionery is a great way to differentiate your store and excite customers over the Christmas period.

Halloween 2018

Halloween: freak out to glowing sales

10 Sep 2018 | By Sarah Britton

Retailers looking to sink their fangs into the succulent multi-million pound Halloween market must reflect the excitement in-store.

Save Local Chilled

Chilled: it's multiplying

06 Sep 2018 | By Ieuan Hughes

The chiller continues to offer retailers electrifying sales, with ready meals, snacks and healthy lines among the strongest performers. 

Tracie Horner, Eurospar Carrowdore, Northern Ireland

Equipped for the future

05 Sep 2018 | By Nikki Cutler

New equipment and services can bring in new customers and make your store fit for the future. C-Store looks at what retailers are investing in

Brunel Uni coffee-to-go

The rise of the drinks machines

14 Aug 2018 | By Ieuan Hughes

Retailers are giving the coffee shops a run for their money as consumer demand for coffee and dispensed drinks shows no signs of slowing

Vaping image

Vape expectations

13 Aug 2018 | By Gaelle Walker

With the vaping category evolving at eye-watering speed, retailers who can offer expert advice and service stand to beat the competition

Lunchbox image

Back to school: Hungry for healthy

01 Aug 2018 | By Sarah Britton

As pressure grows for consumers to improve their children’s diets, parents are actively seeking out lunchbox snacks that are high in nutrients and low in sugar

Selfie wine image

Put wine in the frame

31 Jul 2018 | By Nikki Cutler

Wine is up against a multitude of challenges, but manufacturers are working to keep wine relevant to capture a new generation of drinkers 

Crisps image

When it comes to the crunch

30 Jul 2018

It’s all about health, convenience and bold flavours in the snacking aisles at the moment and there’s an obscene amount of product choice for retailers. So what’s trending and what’s not?

News & magazines

Customer Missions_CTN

Customer Missions: Winning the everyday shopper

03 Dec 2014 Updated: 05 Dec 2014

Contary to popular belief, the CTN shopper is still a valuable customer for the convenience channel and one retailers need to keep.


Nine out of 10 retailers report a drop in magazine sales

21 May 2014 Updated: 23 May 2014 | By Aidan Fortune

Nearly nine in 10 retailers have seen a decline in magazine sales in their store, according to a C-Store poll.


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