The 500+ sub postmaster claimants in the group legal action against Post Office Ltd over supposed shortfalls in the Horizon accounting system will have to hold their collective breath a bit longer. Judgement on this complex Common Issues trial, which finished on 6 December last year, is not now anticipated before the end of February 2019 at the earliest. (It had been thought, and hoped, that it would be earlier.)

Meanwhile, a member of the public has come forward in support of her local ex-sub postmaster. Eleanor Shaikh writes: “I have been an ardent campaigner for justice for my local ex-sub postmaster in Farncombe, Surrey, since a similar ‘shortfall’ appeared at an audit in his branch in October 2017. Unfortunately, Chirag Sidhpur was unable to join the group litigation as its cut-off for joining preceded his termination of contact, but we’re watching events at the High Court very closely.

“I got together with a small group (including two claimants in the current Freeths Litigation) to bring this scandal more clearly into the public arena. We’re aiming both for coverage in the mainstream media and to establish a social media profile starting on Twitter. We have been in contact both with Justice for Subpostmasters Alliance and Freeths’ media consultant, who agree wider coverage is needed.”

I bet you all wish you had customers like Eleanor. If you have been affected by this situation, feel free to contact her on 07733 343979.