Prepared for anything

23 Jan 2019 Updated: 25 Jan 2019

Our C-Store Champions are readying themselves for whatever 2019 may throw at them with plans to improve ranges and control costs

C-Store 2018 Combo Covers

Rolling with the punches

13 Dec 2018

Our C-Store Champions have seen their share of challenges in 2018, but their tenacity and ability to adapt have kept them on track.


Get a clear view on crime

14 Nov 2018 Updated: 16 Nov 2018

Our C-Store Champions share their experiences of crime in their stores, its effect on their businesses, and how they are fighting the battle.


Legends of the Fall

18 Oct 2018 Updated: 19 Oct 2018

With the summer gone and Christmas yet to come, our Champions reveal how they manage to drive footfall during the autumn months.


Your kind of people

19 Sep 2018 Updated: 21 Sep 2018

Our Champions understand that millennials are the future, making them an essential demographic to capture. Here’s how they do it 


Be the first call for customers

24 Aug 2018

Our C-Store Champions agree that providing a quick and friendly service and finding a USP are vital to fending off the competition.

C-Store Champions

Create aisles of smiles

25 Jul 2018

Finding and retaining staff can be a tricky and time-consuming business. Our C-Store Champions reveal how they handle the issue.

C-Store champions

The deal on meal deals

29 Jun 2018

C-stores are expected to offer competitive meal deals, but tight margins make this a challenge. Our C-Store Champions reveal their tactics.

ice cream

The scoop on summer 2018

31 May 2018 Updated: 01 Jun 2018

Summer can be big business for c-stores, but each year brings surprises. Our C-Store Champions discuss what’s new in their coolbox of tricks.


Refit and recharge sales

02 May 2018 Updated: 04 May 2018

Store refits may mean some – or a lot of – upheaval and are a major investment, but our C-Store Champions agree that they are worth it

Health foods

How to turn a healthy profit

18 Apr 2018

Our c-store champions are working hard to cater to shoppers who want healthy food and drink. Here are their top tips.

Customer experience

Satisfaction guaranteed

07 Mar 2018 Updated: 09 Mar 2018

What makes the customer experience a good one? Our C-Store Champions discuss what it means to them and their shoppers.


Join the waste watchers

06 Feb 2018 Updated: 09 Feb 2018

Our C-Store Champions are taking the initiative in reducing energy and food waste, helping to look after the planet and cutting their costs.


Bold plans for tough times

12 Jan 2018

No one is expecting 2018 to be an easy journey, but our Champions are prepared to ride out any bumps the next 12 months may provide.

C-Store Champions

A year of jumping hurdles

14 Dec 2017 Updated: 15 Dec 2017

Our C-Store Champions report that this year they’ve had to work smart to stay profitable against tough legislation and competition.


The freezer pleasers

15 Nov 2017 Updated: 17 Nov 2017

Our C-Store Champions say the perception of the frozen category is changing as shoppers see it as offering quality and value for money.

Food to go

Get on a roll with food to go

19 Oct 2017 Updated: 20 Oct 2017

Food to go is a great way to grab good margins and increase footfall. Here’s how our C-Store Champions ensure they pile on the pounds.


A season to lift your spirits

22 Sep 2017

With the summer holidays over and the Christmas rush yet to begin, the C-Store Champions welcome Halloween and Bonfire Night sales.

school children

Playing to your strengths

29 Aug 2017

From community involvement to local produce, c-store retailers have a USP to use to their advantage. Our C-Store Champions reveal theirs.

Customer service

The customer's always right

26 Jul 2017 Updated: 28 Jul 2017

Customer service is arguably an independent’s biggest advantage over the mults. Our C-Store Champions reveal how they keep up standards.


Keep your cool this summer

03 Jul 2017

As temperatures outside rise, so too can footfall. Here our C-Store Champions explain how they make the most of the summer months.


Service with a smile

13 Jun 2017

Our C-Store Champions discuss how they create engaged employees  who are respectful, hardworking and trustworthy team players 


How to deal with meals

02 May 2017 Updated: 05 May 2017

Meal deals can come in many formats, but most c-store retailers will have at least one. Here our C-Store Champions discuss their benefits.

free from

In shape for health trends

18 Apr 2017

The C-Store Champions reveal how they are adapting their stock for today’s increasingly health-conscious and diet-aware shoppers.

Pinkie Farm

A break from the ordinary

10 Mar 2017

In-store theatre not only helps keep shoppers interested but, when done really well, can build loyalty, as our C-Store Champions explain.

Big night in

Big nights mean big baskets

08 Feb 2017 Updated: 10 Feb 2017

The big night in may mean different things to different shoppers, but it is an opportunity our C-Store Champions are each exploiting.


The year of uncertainty

19 Jan 2017

With Brexit, inflation, rising wages and tobacco pack changes, 2017 won’t be straightforward. Our Champions reveal how they plan to cope.


A year of ups and downs

05 Dec 2016

It’s definitely been an interesting year for retailers, but how have the shifts in 2017 affected business for our C-Store Champions?


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