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Doing the sums

When we last featured Taranjeet Singh in this column in mid-May, he was waiting for the rep’s visit from Hermes to decide whether or not to continue with the parcel service. 

Serving desserts_Family Shopper Blantyre

Desserts: Sweet profits

Goody-laden waffles, crepes, ice-creams and milkshakes are commanding high margins and helping c-stores to become destinations for shoppers looking for a treat.


Costcutter Cockshut Hill, Sheldon

Rekha Godhania discusses the success of her Costcutter store, which was one of the symbol group’s first Shopper First concept sites when it opened in 2017.

Daily Deli

C-Store Champions: Masters of the meal deal

Our C-Store Champions debate what makes the perfect match when creating meal deals, and why they work so well in convenience 

Costcutter Brunel

A better in-store experience

Five vital factors that will improve sales and loyalty are within your control as retailers. It’s time to take a closer look at what customers see.


Convenience Store’s Shop Project is an annual exercise whereby four stores are given a complete makeover in partnership with some of the UK’s leading suppliers.



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